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Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount have collaborated in their life-long commitment as artists and entrepeneurs for over thirty years.
Through a shared desire to manufacture, they built a factory, equipped it with antique shuttle looms, trained staff and grew a brand.
Brahms Mount Textiles was grown from the ground floor starting with one hand loom. Leading a re-birth of textile manufacturing in Maine, all product design, weaving, marketing and photography were achieved in-house. Brahms Mount is a national trademark gounded on original design.
Tree Cloth (TM) fabric is Claudia and Noel's current collaboration weaving paper. Their Tree Cloth bags take inspiration from the classic paper grocery bag,
though more durable and longer lasting. The cloth is woven, cut and sewn, and braided paper handles are attached. Tree Cloth is a woven wood product.
Textiles command a primary role in their lives. A sense of adventure is the fuel for their collaborations and as well as their individual work. Noel has camera in hand at all times. Claudia's life is saturated in color and texture. 
The ClaudiaNoel website is the photography and textiles of Noel Mount, the textiles and mixed media art of Claudia Brahms, and the collaborations that are a result of their work together. 
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